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We always try to find the next Ronald Acuņa or Fernando Tatis, for good reason. These are players who have never played at a major tournament level. The real predictions are that most of the leads will be superstars, but there's a small chance this will happen. It's an unspecified part where you need to hide at least one of the following leads in your team, and perhaps more. Looking back on the bizarre and unprecedented 2020 season in record books, we see one of the many anomalies. 

This is how wild the winning percentage of a lot of teams is. Due to the shortened season, what was normal is a persistent heatwave is now the entire season. Three different teams, the Dodgers, Rays, and Padres, each have the highest winning rate in franchise history. Have they kept it for the whole season? It just can't seem to happen. But they didn't play the entire season. They played 60 games. That is all history books remember.

I previewed the backup launcher a few weeks ago and everything has changed. Hunter Harvey was on the 60-day injury list, Archie Bradley slowed down, and Craig Kimbrel stank again. Given the closer context of the year, you'll need all the perks you can get.

Mariner?s top contender Jarred Kelenic returned to action Wednesday night after dealing with a muscle strain in his left knee. He's been out long enough for the Mariners to use him as an excuse to start him off as a minor. The Kelenic is likely to increase from mid-April to the end of April and has the advantage of being a contributor to the five categories.

Tampa Bay Rays

Arguably the best outlook of all baseball, Wander Franco has survived the Tampa Bay Rays final prospect cut. I don't think he'll be on the first-day list, but he's close. Discipline Plates associated with rudimentary tools make everyone saliva.

MacKenzie Gore, a promising pitcher at San Diego Padres, struggled to control this spring (six steps), but his eight shots are eye-catching. Dinelson Lamet looks not ready to kick off the season and could be the opener Gore needs.

In my opinion, there are six teams with exceptionally poor win rates that do not accurately reflect the quality of those teams. In fact, I say these six teams are almost guaranteed to have a higher win rate than last year. I don't guarantee a spot in the knockout rounds or necessarily have a winning record. But they will improve their win rate compared to last year.

A sailor is coming! Kelenic is not their only prospect. Beginning pitcher Logan Gilbert will also be in action soon. He has been promoted to 23 and already has Double-A experience. He did that with Mike Trout in his spring coaching too.

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